About Us

The investor today has many financial needs, the primary amongst which is long-term wealth creation. Unfortunately, a lot of investors either lack the time & energy or lack the expertise & discipline to manage their investments. At, Tulsian PMS Pvt. Ltd., we seek to bridge this gap by offering customized Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to clients. The idea is to offer clients with product that meets their need for successful long-term wealth creation without too much of risk. We are offering discretionary PMS that would help the clients to meet their specialized portfolio management needs.


And this is what Tulsian PMS excels at. Enriched with Mr SP Tulsian’s 34 years of experience, based out of the financial capital of India, Mumbai, we specialize in delivering genuinely independent & highly personalized service. Our clients comprise of private individuals and the cornerstone of our business is our commitment of providing best in class research & fund management.


Mr Tulsian and his team are well known and respected in the investing fraternity of India. He was the founder editor of the investment tabloid – Premium Investments, which used to be published once a week. With the advent of digital era, the same was converted into a daily updated, online format with paid subscribers. Thus the knowledge bank of the team is incomparable, combined with the characteristic of low-risk and steady returns.


Tulsian PMS started its operations in January 2018 and on boarded hundreds of clients at the onset itself. At Tulsian PMS we are always aware about the one truth – the money we invest is not ours; our job is to only act as wealth protectors and growers. We believe that diversification & quality stock selection will help build a superior portfolio.


We are not restricted by any ‘investment style’ and every investment decision is based on fundamental analysis. We take an active approach to portfolio management with emphasis on research and intelligent management of risk, we believe, is a fundamental aspect of portfolio design.

Unbiased Quality Research
No Model Portfolio (Unique Allocation as per Client’s Risk Profile)
VIVU based Stock Selection
ePMS for smooth experience
Active Portfolio Management


The unified vision of Tulsian PMS team is to become one of the most transparent and trusted Portfolio Management companies in India, reputed for creating wealth and consistently adding value to our clients’ portfolio.

The objectives chalked out to achieve this vision are:
1.    No inappropriate risks
2.    Long term returns over short term gains
3.    Efficient and effective allocation of funds
4.    World class customer service and support
5.    Transparent, clear and regular lines of communication



There are a set of values which the team at Tulsian PMS lives and those are:

We are neither owned nor guided by any corporate house and there is no ‘house view’ – this means our fund managers are truly independent to manage portfolios based on their own research. There are no “biases” or preconceived notions which guide our fund managers.

We at Tulsian PMS take great pride in our culture – the investment choices are not just about the talent of the team but also take into account the culture and environment we live in.

We strongly believe in treating every investor, client, member, employee and all stakeholders fairly and with respect at all times. Treating clients with complete fairness is central to how we conduct business across all our departments and functions.

We believe in clear and regular communication with our clients, giving them consistent performance updates. This is a strategic objective of Tulsian PMS and we will strive to always be as transparent as possible with all investors, clients and stakeholders.

Every team member and employee is empowered to be accountable and take responsibility for their decisions, actions and even behavior. We encourage our employees to be innovative and show initiative.

We at Tulsian PMS are driven by our culture, aligned with the beliefs, values and practices within and outside the organization. It is the culture which assists us in moving the company toward its vision and goal.


  Core Team

Mr. Abhinandan Tulsian

Abhinandan has over 7 years’ experience in the Capital Markets in various roles from Research to Compliance to Technology at SPT Investment Advisory Services Private Limited and is now leading the team at Tulsian PMS. Previously he has worked at Microlution Inc. in Chicago, USA as a Research Engineer and has multiple publications and a patent in his name. Abhinandan also has a strong academic background which includes Bachelors (from VJTI, Mumbai) and Masters degree (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) in Mechanical Engineering. He also holds CFA, FRM, and CAIA degrees.

Mr. Anurag Kedia

Anurag Kedia is the Compliance Officer and brings with him with more 14 years of experience of being an entrepreneur as well as a mentor to several small and mid size companies. He was worked across different sectors of retail, hospitality, FMCG, BPO, speciality chemicals & government policy. He is a chemical engineer from IIT Bombay and PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad.

Ms. Ruma Dubey

Ruma Dubey comes with 25 years of experience in equity and macroeconomic research, having worked as an Associate Editor in SPT Investment Advisory Services and Premium Investments. She has pioneered in analyzing investment need of clients and evaluating macroeconomic data to evaluate the road ahead, enabling informed decision making. Ruma has done M.Com. and B.Com. from R.A. Podar College, University of Mumbai.