What to Expect

Tulsian PMS is designed with you in mind and focuses on providing day-to-day professional management of your investments, in line with your pre-defined goals and objectives. Performance is regularly reviewed by a dedicated research team.

When you place your trust in our team you can be sure that you are receiving dedicated, personal and independent advice from a company with over 30 years of experience.

- A Fee-based, no-nonsense PMS program

- An integrated monitoring technology

- A personalized approach

- Industry leading research

- A one-to-one access with the portfolio manager

- A portfolio which will be a mix of value, growth & hidden opportunities.

- Strong focus on fundamental research and in depth market study.

The core objective of Tulsian PMS is to create long term wealth for every client by offering a product that meets his/her financial needs with minimal risk.



Key Details for Domestic Clients is as below (details is available in Disclosure Document) -

Min. Investment

Rs. 50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lakhs)


Onboarding Fees - 1%

Management Fees - 2% p.a., payable on quarter basis, at end of quarter

Performance Fees - 10% after a hurdle rate of 10% p.a. based on High Water Mark Principle

Other Charges - Details available in Disclosure Document.

Overseas Clients is likely to begin by early September 2018, which is when detailed information will be published for the same.


  Signup Process

To ensure a hassle-free onboarding, we have an entirely automated onboarding procedure.

Step 1: Read the disclosure document
Step 2: Register on the website and complete the onboarding form
Step 3: Kotak Mahindra Bank’s personnel will contact for account opening
Step 4: Our Account Opening Kit is couriered to you
Step 5: Once the Kit is duly executed, a pick-up is arranged for the Kit
Step 6: On receiving the documents, account is expected to get activated in 3-7 working days. Once Demat account is opened at Kotak end, your PMS account is read to accept your investment funds.