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Tulsian PMS Pvt. Ltd. intends to make investment in the stocks, for each of their clients, based on Risk Profile generated while on-boarding and as per preference given by each of our clients. A disciplined approach with right exposure and proper asset allocation can help in successful long-term wealth creation.

We aim to provide customized Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to clients by ensuring a proper mix of three school of thoughts – Value, Growth & Opportunity:

a. Value is selection of stocks based on strong fundamentals and core strength, providing steady and consistent growth

b. Growth is selection of stocks/sectors not in the focus of market by detailed study of sector/industries.

c. Opportunity is selection of stocks based on events or technical factors or news or other developments which has seen stocks being highly undervalued.

Amidst all these, our key objectives are:

  • First, to protect your capital, and
  • Second, to see it grow at a healthy rate.

To earn your trust, we believe in following a completely transparent process in all corresponding transactions. Our values are fashioned not only to help achieve your financial goals, but also to build and maintain a strong, meaningful relationship that lasts long.


There are a set of values which the team at Tulsian PMS lives and those are:


We are neither owned nor guided by any corporate house and there is no ‘house view’ – this means our fund managers are truly independent to manage portfolios based on their own research. There are no “biases” or preconceived notions which guide our fund managers.


We at Tulsian PMS take great pride in our culture – the investment choices are not just about the talent of the team but also take into account the culture and environment we live in.


We strongly believe in treating every investor, client, member, employee and all stakeholders fairly and with respect at all times. Treating clients with complete fairness is central to how we conduct business across all our departments and functions.


We believe in clear and regular communication with our clients, giving them consistent performance updates. This is a strategic objective of Tulsian PMS and we will strive to always be as transparent as possible with all investors, clients and stakeholders.


Every team member and employee is empowered to be accountable and take responsibility for their decisions, actions and even behavior. We encourage our employees to be innovative and show initiative.


We at Tulsian PMS are driven by our culture, aligned with the beliefs, values and practices within and outside the organization. It is the culture which assists us in moving the company toward its vision and goal.

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